In general, I try to avoid to buying panties or bras at a retail store unless I’m really in dire need, but my emergency to-go place is Victoria’s Secret on Broadway. On a recent visit, everything went smoothly and the staff members were super helpful until it came to check out, where we pay for the items we’ve decided to buy. Oh dear, I don’t think that the VPs of Victoria’s Secret understand this, as the checkout line was super confusing and not very helpful in regard to directing customers as to how the line works. The sales clerk ended up giving me attitude when I asked why they didn’t put up small signs indicating the line or line(s). Her response? “Well, a lot of our customers are tourists and they can’t speak English.” Oh, dear. I bit my tongue and didn’t answer back, as it just wasn’t worth it. On my way out, I almost turned back to say, “Have you ever wondered how these tourists got through customs at the airport and checked into their hotels? But I didn’t, because, hey, I was late to meet my best friend for lychee martini!

The Fix: Wake up upper management! Don’t be lazy and think that the staff on the ground will figure out appropriate customer service etiquette. Also, train your employees to care about their jobs and the company. Give them something to be believe in.

Hello fellow New Yorkers and globetrotters,

We all get serviced every single day, hour or minute without really knowing or paying attention to it. With this I don’t mean that we get “serviced” by a man or a woman (unless your last name is Trump) to accompany us in bed (!), but rather interacting with the service Industry, meaning hotels, airlines and airports, restaurants, bars, beauty parlors, hair salons, mobile and internet providers, IT providers, healing institutes, recreation centers, retailers, healthcare institutions…and the list can go on. Oh yes, this is how we live our lives these days, and we often don’t recognize how much we depend on getting serviced.

Being in the branding and marketing industry this is something I’ve been paying attention to for quite some time and I’ve decided to document my experiences good and bad and make recommendations to how to fix the problem (if there are any). Every Friday I’ll post one of my experiences and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Last but not least, these are my personal opinions so take it or leave it!