Fantastic concept, brand look, and locations.
My experience at the Tribeca location was great overall, but here is where it broke down:

1. A sign tells visitors to be quiet and keep their voices down, but meanwhile, by the locker rooms, various staff members chatting so loudly that everyone in the entire spa area ecosystem can hear.

2. A spa employee comes to get you from the pool/jacuzzi for your massage, but doesn’t hand you a towel to dry off before leading you into a cold room and telling you to take your robe off and lay down on the massage bed totally soaked What?! I didn’t comply, and I took of my bathing suit in-front of the therapist who got all embarrassed to see my boobs and she literally threw the robe back on me. I find it rather peculiar that a massage therapist is embarrest to see a naked body! The massage itself was o.k. but I lay for an hour freezing cold and my muscles were so tense that I didn’t enjoy a minute of the therapy.

The Fix: Train your staff according to the rules you give to your guests. Tell them to leave their cell phones and their private lives in their locker rooms. Give your customers a dry towel before the massage, heat up the massage room, and give your client another dry robe before entering the massage room. Nothing is worse than a wet massage—except maybe the cold, wet robe you have to put on after the massage!

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