One weekend morning, my partner and I were purging our closets (both clothing and pantry) of stuff we thought we should get rid of. We came across 3 Calphalon pans that we had stopped using because of the buildup of gunk and residue that had been deposited on those pans over the years. I’ll confess they were about 12 years old and probably not worth keeping, so they went into the “get rid of” pile.

The next morning, for some reason, my partner decided to Google the pan warranties, and sure enough, it said “lifetime,” which doesn’t mean anything these days.

Two days later, my partner decided to call Calphalon. Right away (without having to stay on hold!), he spoke to a very helpful representative, and without any fuss or attitude, he was informed that when Calphalon writes “lifetime warranty,” they mean it. We sent the pans back the next day, and 3 weeks later, brand new ones showed up! We still can’t believe the amazing service—or how quick and easy the process was.

The Problem
Not a single problem to report with Calphalon! As a matter of fact, I think other services and corporations should use Calphalon as a role model, especially when it comes to serving their clients. Those who fake “lifetime” warranties should immediately stop and not bother putting it in 6 point or less type with some disclosure mumbo-jumbo written by a sleazy lawyer.

The Fix
Not one single fix suggestion for Calphalon. All I can say is that I LOVE them! But if I want to call out those brands in my kitchen that need serious fixing, I’d add:

Samsung: One Saturday morning, we were woken by our co-op building super, who informed us of a water leak dripping from our apartment into the 4th floor. We went downstairs to our neighbor’s apartment and spotted the water leak right away. Sure enough, the leak was coming from our fancy, new fridge—which was only 2 months old.
Investigating the cause, we found out that there is (in my opinion) a design flaw with how the water feed connects to the back of the fridge. The pipe can easily kink when it is pushed against the wall. After calling the company we bought it from, we were told that this is not technically part of the fridge and therefore it was our responsibility to fix! What?!? My partner, who is quite the handyman, was able to find a replacement part at our local hardware store, and he hooked it up himself. It just pisses me off that a company like Samsung admits there is a flaw, but if it breaks, you’re on your own!

Electrolux: This concerns a dishwasher we purchased in 2007 (yes, 10 years ago), which we didn’t use much because for the first 4 years of its life, we were bicoastal. Not until recently (thanks to Sun Basket) have we made the time to cook at least 3 meals at home per week.
The other day, after a scrumptious Sun Basket meal, we cleaned up and got ready to use the Electrolux dishwasher, but it wouldn’t turn on: there was no power. We called the service center and were referred to a local service company that made us wait nearly 10 days before sending someone to take a look. After another 10 day wait, the service company called to tell us that the needed part was no longer available, so the dishwasher had to be fully replaced. What a waste!!! And that was the only answer we got after spending $55??? What serious lack of pride in service (and really, it takes 20 days to get an answer?).

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