On a recent visit to my local cafe in BKLYN, I was served just too many weird things that totally blew my mind. I opened the door to the café, and a young mitsosbet man stood right in the middle of the doorway, not moving as I opened the door. I said “Excuse me,” and tried to squeeze past him, but he didn’t move an inch! I just walked “through” him, bumping him a bit, and then he “woke up” from his phone chat and slightly moved to one side.
I approached the counter only to find the cashier’s head ducked down beneath it! What could this mean? It turned out she was chatting on her phone and didn’t look up until I said “Excuse me, may I order, please?”

The Problem
I’m not sure where to begin. It feels like everywhere I go—cafes, restaurants, spas, hair salons, retail stores, department stores, you name it—the overarching problem is that no one gives a sh!#, and if they do, I’ve begun to think they must be weird! I’ve become so used to bad service and people not paying attention that if someone behaves in a courteous manner, エロ動画-無修正 I think they’re flat-out strange and/or on “happy drugs.”

The Fix:
We need to make a major social behavioral change before it’s too late! Here are my suggestions:

  • Companies in general (whether in the service industry or not) need to change their training manuals and limit the use of cell phones at work. Maybe they can establish a bonus system nudecamshd.com where points are awarded if you leave your phone in the locker room or a bag.
  • Parents need to teach their children manners, including proper etiquette about how to respectfully address and behave to others.
  • Formal training on how to address and speak to others might be a good addition to kindergarten, middle school, and high school curriculums.
  • A lesson on eye contact could be useful – look up, not down.

Since January 1st I’ve been constantly e-welcomed by “January specials” from various gyms, private trainers, and barre method studios, all of them inviting me to take advantage of a “beginners” special offer of up to a 50% reduction—if I join NOW!!
Ugh… I’m so sick of this January “health month”! Why are companies so desperate to get us in the door in January? Of course, I get that there are millions of folks out there who are either on a post-holiday guilt trip or have made a New Year’s resolution (which often only lasts for a week or 2) to sign up for a gym/body changing institution membership or a private trainer.

But what I particularly don’t understand is why I’m getting emails from places/institutions I’m already working out at! Don’t they know who their current clients are? Or are they simply not paying any attention to their email marketing lists? In my book, both are bad.

Problem: I’m getting so sick of these offers that I’ve stopped opening emails from places I frequently work out at. In the long run, this can become problematic for the company. In the past, these companies have sent me super interesting information, including new offers that would suit me as well as information about hours of operations and so forth. Now, after January, I’m inclined not to pay attention anymore.

The Fix: Categorizing mailing lists is key. For example, a good way is to send emails is through Mailchimp. Also, have at least 3 different lists such as current clients, inactive clients, and new clients. Obviously, a fourth list could be generated by buying a mailing list and blasting out a fluffy newcomer offer with a January special.

Hello fellow New Yorkers and globetrotters,

We all get serviced every single day, hour or minute without really knowing or paying attention to it. With this I don’t mean that we get “serviced” by a man or a woman (unless your last name is Trump) to accompany us in bed (!), but rather interacting with the service Industry, meaning hotels, airlines and airports, restaurants, bars, beauty parlors, hair salons, mobile and internet providers, IT providers, healing institutes, recreation centers, retailers, healthcare institutions…and the list can go on. Oh yes, this is how we live our lives these days, and we often don’t recognize how much we depend on getting serviced.

Being in the branding and marketing industry this is something I’ve been paying attention to for quite some time and I’ve decided to document my experiences good and bad and make recommendations to how to fix the problem (if there are any). Every Friday I’ll post one of my experiences and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Last but not least, these are my personal opinions so take it or leave it!