Or shall I say icetails?
On a recent school night, my best friends and I went to Rosa Mexicana (18th street, NYC) for virgin and non-virgin margaritas while catching up on business, life, travel, and everything in-between. But we soon discovered something that I wanted to write about here on TR before I forget! We ordered margaritas, and I ordered a club soda as well, as I like to thin out my drinks to pace myself. Here’s what happened: our alcoholic drinks arrived first, but by the time the chips arrived, we’d almost finished our drinks. I thought to myself, “WOW! Did I really drink this whole glass in 10 minutes?” Then I realized I hadn’t— it was all ice!!!

The Problem
After finishing our first round, we all paid close attention to the second round, particularly at how much ice was in the glasses (of both virgin and non-virgin margaritas). They all had one thing in common: too much ice and no liquid to speak of. AHA! Okay, I get it, they are struggling, so they’re sacrificing the quality I remember from back in 2003, when they took real pride in their mixology. Now, it’s long gone, probably never to return.

The Fix:
If your landlord is too greedy, move, and reestablish your pride in the quality of your food and drinks. The food was mushy and bland, lacking in flavor, and there was no appetizing aroma when it came out. I didn’t eat much, wanting to gag, as it looked like baby food!

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