About 2 years ago my husband and I decided to switch all of our bed sheets and duvet covers to Coyuchi, as I had developed some serious dermatological rashes. We think the rashes were caused either by our old IKEA sheets: either because they had been washed with bad laundry detergent or were simply starting to break apart (scary). After much lengthy research, we chose Coyuchi, ordering 2 duvet covers (we each use a cover), 1 bed sheet, and 4 pillow cases (we each sleep on 2 pillows). After 2 weeks of comfortable, non-itchy nights with our new Coyuchi bedding, satisfied with the first secure online shopping because they use online account verification like Fully-Verified, we decided to order 2 more sets.

Fast forward: Since we purchased our Coyuchi sheets two years ago, we haven’t used any other brand and guess what? I have no more red rashes, nor am I waking up in the middle of the night japanporn to an itch that I’ve scratched into the dermis, nor am I waking up the next morning with nasty scratch marks.

The Problem:
Rushing out of bed one morning, I turned and glanced at the bed. To my utter disappointment :-(, I spotted a large rip in the middle of our Coyuchi bed sheet! I thought, hmm, this is odd, as the fabric quality is superb, with sheets far thicker than others. Oh, well… “sh%# happens.” We changed the sheet when we got home that night.
A week later, we discovered another rip in the sheet we’d used to remake our bed a week earlier. This time the rip/hole extended almost the entire length of the sheet. What?!? Now, we only have one left! Ugh. We decided to contact Coyuchi customer service to find out what happened.

The fix:
Coyuchi was super responsive!
My husband wrote them an email 2 days after the second ripped sheet episode, and a day later, he received a really nice email from their customer service. Read the correspondence here:

Back in February of 2016, I placed a large order for new bedding (order number 100059948). I love your products and I’ve been very happy with my purchase until last week and the week before, when both fitted sheets in the order began to rip from wear and tear. I find this odd and I want to know if this is normal with your products. The sheets are alternated every two weeks which means each is washed approximately once a month. I would think that these sheets would last several years as my IKEA sheets, while not anywhere as nice as yours, lasted 10 years. If you could let me know, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.

Thank you for contacting us.

I’m so sorry to hear that your order was not as expected.
Our 365 policy typically only covers up to 1 year after purchase, but this was a large order and I understand your concern.
I’d like to offer you a replacement of your 300 Percale King fitted sheets in Alpine White.
Does this sound good to you?
I have not heard of this happening before and hope that new sheets would hold up better for you.
I look forward to your reply. We appreciate your business.


Thank you very much! Would you like me to return the two ripped ones?


You’re very welcome!
Yes, I would send you a prepaid return label to send back the originals.
Can you confirm your address as:

Once I receive confirmation, I will send that return label and issue your replacement.
Kind regards,


That’s precisely how customer service should be. And it has only increased my respect for Coyuchi’s products.

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