The other day, I placed an online gift order from Calvin Klein for my best male friend. This included a two-piece pajama suit in XL, which I had shipped to my office. There was nothing wrong with the order, it arrived on time for his birthday, and the size was perfect, fitting him like a glove. Phew…it’s always such a hit or miss with sizes, and sizing charts can often be a bit off.
So, A+ to Calvin Klein for super clear + fast service and not messing my order up 🙂

The Problem
After my super happy e-shopping at CK with a seamless experience placing my order magic loan – centrelink loans, however, it turns out I’m not so super happy with the CK e-marketing after order strategy…

Now, a month later, I’ve reviewed over 60 CK emails promoting various male clothing options and new arrivals in sizes L and up. This means I’m “spammed” twice a day with unasked-for and very annoying CK promotions—even though I specifically checked the “do not notify me” box during the checkout process!!

Ugh… and the worst part is, if I unsubscribe, I’ll suddenly get spammed with emails from various brands, all of which are either related to or affiliated with CK, or are brands/companies that have purchased a list of names that have engaged themselves in e-commerce with CK. See peoplesorangecounty.com/there-recreational-dispensaries-california/”style=”border: none; color: #333333; font-weight: normal !important; text-decoration: none;”>peoplesorangecounty.com official website

The Fix
Brands need to relax their “buy me now” and “buy one, get one free” e-promotions. It’s crucial to become more educational and culturally involved to truly understand what it means to be a brand personality.
The old way of marketing is long gone!
Effective marketing to people requires a keen ear. Stop shouting, and start listening…

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