Hello fellow New Yorkers and globetrotters,

We all get serviced every single day, hour or minute without really knowing or paying attention to it. With this I don’t mean that we get “serviced” by a man or a woman (unless your last name is Trump) to accompany us in bed (!), but rather interacting with the service Industry, meaning hotels, airlines and airports, restaurants, bars, beauty parlors, hair salons, mobile and internet providers, IT providers, healing institutes, recreation centers, retailers, healthcare institutions…and the list can go on. Oh yes, this is how we live our lives these days, and we often don’t recognize how much we depend on getting serviced.

Being in the branding and marketing industry this is something I’ve been paying attention to for quite some time and I’ve decided to document my experiences good and bad and make recommendations to how to fix the problem (if there are any). Every Friday I’ll post one of my experiences and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Last but not least, these are my personal opinions so take it or leave it!


What do you think?

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