The other day, I placed an online gift order from Calvin Klein for my best male friend. This included a two-piece pajama suit in XL, which I had shipped to my office. There was nothing wrong with the order, it arrived on time for his birthday, and the size was perfect, fitting him like a glove. Phew…it’s always such a hit or miss with sizes, and sizing charts can often be a bit off.
So, A+ to Calvin Klein for super clear + fast service and not messing my order up 🙂

The Problem
After my super happy e-shopping at CK with a seamless experience placing my order magic loan – centrelink loans, however, it turns out I’m not so super happy with the CK e-marketing after order strategy…

Now, a month later, I’ve reviewed over 60 CK emails promoting various male clothing options and new arrivals in sizes L and up. This means I’m “spammed” twice a day with unasked-for and very annoying CK promotions—even though I specifically checked the “do not notify me” box during the checkout process!!

Ugh… and the worst part is, if I unsubscribe, I’ll suddenly get spammed with emails from various brands, all of which are either related to or affiliated with CK, or are brands/companies that have purchased a list of names that have engaged themselves in e-commerce with CK. See”style=”border: none; color: #333333; font-weight: normal !important; text-decoration: none;”> official website

The Fix
Brands need to relax their “buy me now” and “buy one, get one free” e-promotions. It’s crucial to become more educational and culturally involved to truly understand what it means to be a brand personality.
The old way of marketing is long gone!
Effective marketing to people requires a keen ear. Stop shouting, and start listening…

My absolute favorite fragrance house is diptyque, which creates the most amazing scented candles and perfumes. They had been my client for many, many years, but last year, they decided to move all operations, including global creative, to Paris.
Of course, my team was a bit disappointed, but hey… if the CEO and upper management feel they need to manage their global marketing out of Paris, that’s fine.
I signed up for their email campaign many moons ago, and I was always really pleased with their messaging and online design…until recently. I’m no longer sure what they’re trying to communicate. The emails I get are watered down, slow to load, and I really don’t “feel them” as the brand I used to know 🙁

The Problem
I found out from a good friend of mine, a diptyque insider, that the new agency doesn’t have a native English-speaking writer on staff! Nor do they have any expertise in e-commerce or any know-how in terms of optimizing on-line sales.
Apparently, the copy is written in French, then Google translated, and then edited by a Parisian copywriter! WOW, I thought to myself, that’s so weird. Why are they doing that? Well, my theory is that maybe they think that we, Americans we “don’t get it” and that the right way is the French way (no pun intended)…

The Fix
diptyque should go back to its roots: the founders (who were also friends), Desmond Knox-Leet (painter), Yves Coueslant (set designer), and Christiane Gautrot (architect) embraced exploration and localization so well.
Having your headquarters in Paris is fine, but localize each market, meaning: hire creative teams who know the local culture, language/slang, as well as the customers who are already fans—they’re the ones who’ve created the LOVE for diptyque!