I went to the Met the other day to see the Irving Penn show, “Centennial,” before it closed. As a New Yorker, I know not to go to museums on Sundays unless it’s a “go or miss it” situation! So, my friend and I (who decided to join me at the last minute) braved and survived the mad crowd. Thank god we had pre-purchased tickets that got punched at the visitor’s desk. We raced straight to the southwest wing and were delightfully surprised by the well-curated show and the impressive body of work that Irving and his wife, Lisa, produced.

We walked down Madison Avenue as we discussed the amazing photos. My friend suggested we stop at the Met Breuer, designed by Marcel Breuer, as it’s one of our favorite modern architectural spaces in NYC. Of course, I agreed, and as soon as we arrived, the ceiling in the lobby area caught my attention — ceilings are among my favorite things to admire.

After enjoying the architectural beauty, my friend suggested that we grab a bite and a drink downstairs at the Fiore restaurant, but I was reluctant: the last time I’d eaten there, I’d spent way too much money on awful food and service.
Though he was reluctant as well, he suggested we try it once more. If it sucked, we’d vow never to return. I said okay!! We went downstairs, and to our surprise, the bar and dining area looked completely different. The interior design was refined, with an edge, and it recalled Irving Penn’s design sensibility, which we much appreciated. Now, onto the restaurant experience: after settling in at the bar of the dining section and perusing the menu, we realized this place was no longer called Untitled (which I’ve always thought a strange name for a restaurant), but rather, Fiore.
The bartender attended to our orders immediately, professionally pouring a very dry Grüener from Austria and a bottle of location-made sparkling water (basically, filtered water carbonated in a Soda Stream, which I’m totally fine with rather than shipping gassed water from Europe). Our food came out before we finished our drinks, which, in my books, shows that their staff is professional and coordinated, not waiting until you order a second drink to serve your food. All in all, I’m so pleased that Fiore has replaced Untitled in this amazing Marcel Breuer-designed space. He’d be so pleased!

The fix: Unfortunately, I think that Untitled might have tarnished the location with their bad and inconsistent service, sloppy food, and overrated reviews. It saddens me to think that I almost didn’t experience Fiore’s amazing food and wine. My suggestion is that everyone reading this should go to Fiore and forget about what was there before. Fiore will not disappoint you!

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